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  • Mar 10
    Posted by siteadmin

    My new single "Shock To The System" is out today!! Download on iTunes HERE and listen below!

  • Mar 04
  • Jan 15
    Posted by siteadmin

    Eli is going to be to be bringing "Nights Like This" to Boston at The Sinclair on Feb. 14th! He'll have have Ruby Rose Fox and Soulelujah supporting. As usual with "Nights Like This," there will be all sorts of cool stuff going on and because it's Valentine's Day there will be even more surprises in store. Don't miss it!

  • Aug 01

    If you love Eli's new track "WooHoo," you'll probably love some of the great remixes too! Click here to check out the FKJ remix of "WooHoo" premiering on Kick Kick Snare.


  • Jul 26

    Have you seen Eli's new lyric video for WooHoo yet? Check out the video here with the lyrics written in all microphone cord.